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    ThuNov192009 ByAnonymousTaggedSalvation
    1. How was your life before coming to faith in Christ? For example, where did you grow up? How was family, circumstances and life prior to salvation etc.?

    I grew up in a Christian home that had many problems. Today we would be called a blended family.

    2. What made you open and interested in knowing God and obeying the Gospel? Who shared Christ, was a witness or testimony to you? What brought you to the point of believing?

    My mother shared Christ with me one evening following a Sunday service. Because of growing up going to Church and Sunday School, the Gospel was not a foreign idea to me at the time I trusted in Christ. As a child I was very scared of a righteous God (and of course the everlasting hell that is reserved for sinners).

    3. How has it been since coming to Christ overall? More specifically, how has your growth, opportunities to serve, struggles and perseverance been?

    God has done many things in my life to guide, correct and grow me. I can see a maturing process taking place in me, but there are times when I am discouraged that I still have struggles that should be behind me. However, in more recent time I have seen victory over an old habit that had been very difficult and discouraging. And that victory is a milestone that I look at in my life. At the college that I attended, we were encouraged to get involved in whatever local church we ended up at, and that has proven to be very wise advice. One of the keys to being ministered to is to serve others (it is more blessed to give than to receive). Overall, the more that I learn in and about the Bible, I feel that there is very much to be worked on in my life.

    4. What is Your Story...

    I sometimes wonder what my life would have been like had I not been saved at an early age. I am also challenged with the idea that to whom much is given much is required. I believe that applies to everyone to some degree, but for me I think of my life: a Christian starting around 8 years old, attending church my whole life, being homeschooled by Christian parents, attending Christian college, marrying a Christian. This long exposure to God's Word and teaching has given me much, and I believe that I will be held to a high standard with regards to what I do to serve God.
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