Announcing New Service Times for Sunday Mornings


Earlier this year we announced that the pastors and deacons would be discussing and praying about some type of adjustment to our morning service schedule. The reason was because many people from among the pastors and deacons as well as the congregation clearly felt that our current service times were hindering the unity of the church.


We had this sense for some time and we hoped it would resolve itself, but it has not. After much prayer and discussion over the past several months, we feel it is important to make a decision.  We have also taken into consideration the concerns and feelings expressed by many folks in the congregation.


Our plan is to have all Adult Bible Fellowships, Student’s Classes and Children’s Sunday School Classes meet at the same hour in between the two morning worship services. The new service times are set to begin on Sunday, March 18 and look like this:


First Worship Service:                                                           8:30am – 9:30am

All Adult, Students’ and Children’s Bible Classes:                 9:45am – 10:45am

Second Worship Service:                                                      11:00am – 12:15pm            


We believe there are several benefits to this new Sunday morning schedule:


  1. It will allow adults who attend different services to attend Adult Bible Fellowship (ABF) together. This will increase the fellowship of our entire church.


  1. It will allow everyone to attend First or Second Worship Service and still attend their Adult Bible Fellowship or to serve in Student Ministries and Children’s Sunday School.


  1. It will allow more people to serve in Worship, Tech, and Children’s Ministries.


  1. It will allow all the children and youth to attend Sunday School and Bible Classes together.


  1. It will encourage the intergenerational fellowship of our church.


We understand this change will impact everyone. Those in First Service will need to arrive slightly earlier. Those who attend Second Service will have to stay slightly later.  We also understand that no schedule is perfect. However, it is our belief that this adjustment will be more conducive to the needed interaction, unity and fellowship of the entire church as a whole.


Please join us in working together to implement this new schedule. With a spirit of humility and cooperation we can continue to strengthen our church for the glory of God and for the good of our families and our communities.


For His Glory,


The Pastors and Deacons.