September – April
  Awana is a fun and exciting place at
  Lake Hills Baptist Church where kids
  learn the Bible! We meet on
  Wednesday nights at 7:00PM. Each
  Awana night includes a Game Time where
  clubbers play fast moving games that
  create a spirit of fun team competition
  around the world-famous Awana circle.
  Handbook Time gives clubbers an
  opportunity to achieve, earn rewards,
  and learn God’s Word through various
  projects and Scripture memory goals.
  Council Time includes practical
  instruction from the Bible about
  how every boy and girl can become
  a child of God and grow in their faith. 
  There are different Awana clubs for
  various ages of children.
  A two year pre-K program for children 
  ages 3-5. Using fundamental Awana
  elements of Bible memorization,
  handbooks,awards, and activities,
  developmentally appropriate  lessons
  combine basic Bible truths with popular
  preschool concepts of colors, shapes,
  numbers, and letters. 
  The Awana club for lively
  kindergarteners, and first and second
  graders. Sparkies gather for their Bible
  lesson to experience God at their level
  and the adventures on Climberland
  Trail. During Sparkie Time, clubbers
  complete their handbook sections.
  In Game Time, Sparkies enjoy games
  played around the Awana Circle.
  Sparky, the friendly firefly, appears
  throughout the Bible-based materials
  to encourage clubbers to complete 
  their handbook achievements.


 Truth & Training Clubs 

  These Awana Clubs are for third
  through sixth grade girls and third
  through sixth grade boys.
  The Ultimate Adventure handbook
  series is filled with exciting Discoveries
  and Challenges from God’s Word!
  Prizes, rewards and trophies may
  be earned throughout the learning
  process. Our Awana theme nights
  make every Awana night fun and unique.