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  Our children’s Sunday School
  teaches the major Bible accounts
  in chronological order Genesis to
  Revelation over a three year span.
  Our teachers are committed to
  helping their students discover that
  Jesus Christ is woven through
  scripture from the OT to the NT.
  Our teachers use the Bible and the
  Gospel Project curriculum to accomplish
  this. Parents are kept informed by
  quarterly letters of what their children
  will be learning so that they can follow
  up and expand on the truths learned
  each week. Children are on the same
  Bible lesson appropriate for their
  age group.


 Nursery (0-18 months)

  Our babies experience the love of
  Jesus from the women who tenderly
  care for them by holding them,
  rocking them, and singing songs 
  to them.

 Toddlers (18 months – 2 years)

  In this class children learn to
  love singing about Jesus, learn to
  love the Bible, God’s precious Word
  to us, and the truth that Jesus
  loves them. These energetic movers
  learn through many hands on

 Beginners (3 years)

  In this class, the inquisitive three
  year olds will hear God’s word being
  simply taught, singing and playing
  instruments. Lots of activities are
  crammed into the hour to help these
  precious ones experience the
  love of Jesus. 
 SUNDAY – 11:00AM
  A complete program is offered during
  our worship service time. The purpose
  of our children’s church is to provide
  opportunities for kids to worship in a
  setting for kids. A “multi-sensory” style
  of teaching is used to help children learn
  about and experience God while challenging
  them to make Him the center of their lives.


 Preschool (4/5years – Kindergarten)

  These lovely children enjoy more
  teaching and singing while they
  discover that  they can have a “real”
  relationship with Jesus.  They get
  to make fun crafts and play in
  this hour too!

 1st and 2nd Grade

  By this hour the children in the
  Jungle are ready to worship by
  moving and playing.  Enjoying
  lively music and hands on Bible
  lessons with games, crafts, lessons
  help these children know that
  God loves them.

 3rd – 6th Grade

  These elementary kids get to
  worship with lively music, play
  purposeful energetic games,
  and enjoy in depth Bible Studies 
  to help give each student the
  truth to form a Biblical worldview
  and courage to share the truths
  with their peers. Students are
  encouraged to share and ask
  questions without fear of ridicule. 


 Our Safe and Sound Policy:  

  Each of our children and youth workers,
  whether volunteer or a paid staff person,
  is trained, qualified and screened through
  an application process and background
  check.We strive to take every reasonable
  measure to provide a safe learning
  environment for all those entrusted
  to our care.