Seventy-five percent of Americans
  watch, read about, or participate
  in sports once a week, and
  ninety-eight percent do so once a
  month. If that is where the people
  are, if that is what the people are
  doing, it seems prudent for the
  church to determine how best to
  utilize that cultural interest for
  the sake of declaring Christ.
  We desire to connect with the
  community, share the GOSPEL
  of Jesus Christ, and encourage 
  the Church through these
  + 3on3 Basketball Tourney   + Men’s Basketball League
     (Jan. – Mar.)   + Senior Open Gym (Jan.—Mar.)   + Coed Volleyball (April – May) 
  + Golf Outing
  + Disk Golf Tourney
The Lake Hills men’s league is not too far away now and we are looking forward to another good season!
We will be starting the league on Tuesday, January 7, 2020. The cost for the league is again $500.
Cost includes 12 guaranteed games (9 regular season & 3 tourney), and 2 refs at each game, prizes are also included in this cost.
The first six teams that express interest in the Court of Dreams event at the PACERS court will have the opportunity to play down there.
We have reserved the court for March 20.  The cost for the league and court of dreams is $670.  The additional cost gives you the opportunity to play on the Pacers court and 10 tickets to the Heat vs Pacers game that night.  Each team will need to meet in the lobby at 10:15 cst. League fee guarantees the spot in the league (10 max) and 1st 6 for Court of Dreams.