About God 
  He is Holy
  He is Unchanging
  He is Wise and Perfect in All He Does
  He is Present Everywhere
  He is All Knowing
  He is Truth
  He is Good
  He is Love
  About Jesus 
  He is the Eternal Son of God
  He is the Head of the Church
  He is Fully God
  He is Fully Man
  He is Without Sin
  He is the Only Mediator between
  Sinful Man and a Holy God
  He is Our Example
  About The Holy Spirit
  He Gives Life
  He Gives Power
  He Purifies
  He Helps Us
  He Convicts Us of Sin
  He Guides Us in the Truth
  About the Bible
  It is the Very Word of God
  It is the Bread of Life
  It is Truth
  It is Profitable, Good for Correction
  and Training in Righteousness
  About Salvation
  Everyone is Born Sinful 
  No One can Please God
  We Need to be Saved
  You Must be Born Again to Go to Heaven
  Jesus Christ is the Only Way to Heaven
  We Need to Repent of Our Sins
  & Confess Jesus Christ is Lord
  We will then Live for Christ in All Things
  You are Saved by Faith and this is a
  Free Gift from God
  Good Works and Righteous living are
  the Fruits of Genuine Salvation.